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The essence of my work is to understand my clients.  I want to “get” what has been going on with you, and to help you move forward.  It’s really that simple.  


What roads took me here?

Beginning as a corporate-side attorney for ten years, specializing in employment law litigation, I frequently worked with human resource executives who were handling employee-related disputes.  I always found myself wanting to know the “back story.”  I engaged with my clients so I could understand the company’s ethos, the management styles and values of its leaders, the challenges of the staff, and, of course, the individual stories and psychologies of those embroiled in the legal conflict.  With every case, I asked myself, “What could have been done differently in that workplace to have minimized conflict and possibly averted a lawsuit?”

It is my wish to help individuals and organizations move forward in ways that are productive and enriching.  My former career as an attorney and advocate in combination with my desire to inhabit and deeply understand the individual experiences of others coalesced into my current work as a psychotherapist and as an executive coach.  These are two distinct fields, but with important overlap as it relates to my approach and style.

How do I work?

The work I do with clients is always collaborative.  I bring expertise and skill to client encounters, but our work together always is client focused with an emphasis on the client’s agenda, talents, and unique capacities for growth.  Born from my career as a litigator, I am very much an advocate - at times quietly and at other times more intently - encouraging clients to take a more expansive view of themselves and their circumstances, past, present and future.  My approach is supportive, yet challenging, providing a space for clients to grow and ignite their individual, specific aspirations. I employ critical thinking and problem solving skills to help integrate the client’s history, future goals and immediate, concrete needs. 

What makes me unique?

The perspectives that I bring to my work as a psychotherapist and executive coach span multiple disciplines, including law/business and the corporate sectors, higher education, mental health public policy, and, of course, psychology.  As I seek to connect with, understand and help promote growth for my clients, it's my hope that I can offer as informed an ear as possible.  I have been a life-long learner, always seeking to advance my knowledge.  So, in addition to my academic degrees, I have continued to build competency and add skills to my professional tool box.  My second career has evolved holistically, and I use my whole set of experiences, honoring and incorporating the old, welcoming the new, and reveling in the opportunity to share the mix with my clients.    

What about my training?

Following is a brief summary of highlighted parts of my professional and academic background and training.


PhD, Institute for Clinical Social Work, Chicago

MSW, New York University, Silver School of Social Work

JD, New York University School of Law

BA, Wesleyan University, Middletown, CT

Certifications | Specialized Training

EMDR International Association (EMDRIA)

Certification in Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing (EMDR) Treatment

Columbia University, Columbia Coaching Certification Program (A joint program of Columbia University Teachers College and Columbia University Business School)

Certificate of Completion, Internal Coach Intensive

Hogan Assessment Systems

Hogan Assessment Certification

Northwestern University, Chicago

Divorce Mediation Training Certificate

Center for Conflict Resolution, Chicago

Mediation Training Certificate

University College London (UK) International Psychoanalytical Association Research Training Program

Certificate of Training


Licensed Clinical Social Worker

New York, LCSW-R (Psychotherapy Privilege) 

Illinois, LCSW

Retired Member, Legal Bars of New York and New Jersey



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