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Executive Coaching

I want to be the right coach for the right client. One size does not fit everyone.

In moments when I felt unsure I always appreciated and felt encouraged by his ability to connect to my previous track record of success in my career. He helps you put dollars in the self-esteem bank.

Regardless of how many others may have held the same title you hold, or faced the same challenges associated with moving forward in your career and/or upward in an organization, I begin every engagement grounded in the fact that each of my coaching clients is unique.  It is my responsibility in the coaching engagement to support your agenda and to maintain a client-centered and growth- and progress-oriented experience.  As your coach, I am with you to help you succeed. 

Proven Methodology – What to Expect

The coaching process is not mysterious.  But how well the collaboration works is going to be a function of the fit between the coach and client, and also any special perspectives that the coach brings to the engagement.

His corporate experience and background in employment law and mediation helped tremendously

I draw on my knowledge and experience from the worlds of corporate employment law, mediation, higher education and psychology that comprise my background, and I combine those with a tried and true approach to leadership coaching developed by Columbia University that focuses on three critical areas of exploration to move clients toward positive outcomes.  Following is a simplified guide to the approach I use.  

Context – What brings you to the coaching engagement?

It always was clear that we were working on my agenda . . .
  • Where are you in your organization/career/life?
  • What strengths and approaches do you bring to your work/career settings?
  • What is it that makes you uniquely you?
  • What do you see as opportunities for growth and improvement?
  • What do you aspire to accomplish?

And, as important as all the others, I will ask, How are you doing?

Content – What is needed for you to plan and move forward?

With a full sense of your context, we will then work towards testing your assumptions, generating and exploring options, and moving toward the development of a plan.

Conduct – How will you execute an action plan that will move you toward the outcomes you desire?

At this stage we will refine the roadmap that we have developed.  And, in the event of life throwing us a curveball, we will downshift, incorporate any new data that is needed, regenerate options, plan accordingly and move, once again, to execution. 

Empirically Sound Assessment

Critical to our work together is the gathering of useful information.  I need to understand the context and catalysts for your engaging my services.  I also know the value of objective and tangible data.  I am certified to administer the Hogan series of personality inventories, which promote strategic self awareness  through the assessment of

  • Core values and motivations
  • Strengths and competencies
  • Potentially derailing behaviors

The Hogan is accessible online through a link, which allows clients to take it whenever they are able to schedule the time.  It takes no more than one hour.  Hogan outcomes are presented with a helpful level of detail that I will interpret and share with you.  With that information we are best able to develop a strategic plan that integrates--objectively--who you are with the challenges, benefits and goals you have specific to your organizational or other environment.  It is generally my recommendation that clients begin coaching engagements with the Hogan.  



Flexible Communication

I coach clients in person, by phone, via video technology (Skype or FaceTime) and a combination of all three.  Recognizing that busy schedules necessitate flexibility, I am happy to work with clients using the medium that is most effective and efficient.  

Getting Started

Your focus and needs are tantamount.  Accordingly, the beginning of a coaching engagement centers around determining  what each individual client wishes to achieve. My services are custom tailored to address your specific goals.  I invite you to speak with me about how we could configure a successful working relationship that will get you where you want to go.

Our work together helped me get clear on what I was envisioning for myself.


Camille B was focused on navigating sweeping organizational changes, asserting herself in her workplace, and leveraging her extensive industry knowledge and experience to create new opportunities for herself within the organization.  

His corporate experience and background in employment law and mediation helped tremendously.

He’s a great person to help you put things in perspective.

Sometimes women get lost in the workplace.  Boris helped me re-find my voice.

 He listened carefully and allowed me the opportunity to set the stage, to tell him how the meetings went, who was there, what roles they played, and how I performed.

Truly a collaborative experience . . .

He helped me come up with strategies for managing the workplace.

It always was clear that we were working on my agenda, but at times when I got stuck he would provide some guidance:  “I’m sure you’ll come to your own conclusions, but here are some options.”  It was really helpful to have someone with whom I could problem solve.

He has a ‘cone of calmness’ around him and a sense of humor too.

-  Camille B   |   Vice President, Relationship Manager  |  Banking Industry


Balancing a burning ambition to bring new learning and added value to an extremely hierarchical senior management setting while seeking advancement without threatening his colleagues, Charles O sought help in navigating work team relationships and benefited from the positivity and support generated in the coaching relationship.

Boris had the ability to hone in on key behavioral and other aspects of my work relationships and to identify areas that were a priority for me based on existing work conditions.

Also distinctive was the quality of his communications.  He has a tremendous ability to listen—it’s as simple as that.  He was able to able to balance on-point and focused discussion with humor, which enhanced the relationship and brought about a greater understanding of myself. 

Once I had that understanding of self, I was able to integrate that with my own industry best practices.

He is unique, bringing experience and focus to the table. His prior work in law and psychology expanded his ability to explore areas where I needed improvement.

 I was always awed by his ability to draw things from previous sessions.

In moments when I felt unsure I always appreciated and felt encouraged by his ability to connect to my previous track record of success in my career.  He helps you put dollars in the self-esteem bank.

He always worked with me on using my own knowledge of my field to leverage it while maintaining a positive attitude and forward motion.

- Charles O  |  Senior Financial Services Manager


Melanie H first sought to retool and make shifts within her career as a trader, then reassessed her long-term goals and harnessed her ambition to leave trading and create her own brand and business. 

I liked that he didn’t just give me the answer, "You should do this or do that . . . "

With his help, I realized that here wasn’t really a way to change the environment. It was a matter of building up the courage to do what was necessary.  We talked about fear and what was behind the fear of moving forward.

We went deeper than just work . . .  I began to visualize and see how it was affecting me in many ways . . . how it was part of the bigger picture and my overall goal.  Our work together helped me get clear on what I was envisioning for myself.

I realized how big my vision really was when I got the courage to really go for it.  

-  Melanie H  |  Trader turned Entrepreneur


Names have been changed so as to maintain client confidentiality.



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